La Profesora

La Profesora se fue ayer. La maestra, mi Abuela. Yet absent in the physical world, ella esta presente en espíritu todavia. She was so strong in spirit that today when I woke up reluctant to go to work and teach my students, she was there pushing me. “Levantate! Vaya a trabajar hijo. Tiene que enseñar tus estudiantes.”

i am not sure how well i taught today, but i did nonetheless. and in this i learned a little bit more about mi Abuela. Sobre que tipa de mujer fue ella. Ella fue fuerte, ella era dedicada. Por estos todos la conocen. While i was down visiting her for what would turn out to be the last time, i was truly in awe of the impact this one woman could have on a place. yet when compared to the impact it had on my heart that was usually 2000 miles away, it all made perfect sense. the waves of people that came by to pay respect, para ver si La Profesora esta “OK”, estas olas fueron símbolos de las olas sentimientos en mi corazón. There is not enough i can say about mi Abuela. She was a force on this Earth, one of good. and this is what i take from her.

Now it is time to be my own force. To pick where she left of. To follow in her foot steps, paso a paso. Porque somos maestros. there is a certain prestige and power that comes with our titles. and mi Abuela knew that. and she used it to conquer the ignorance that helped feed the darkness not only of the uneducated but the “overeducated”, the elite that so often use education to keep the masses down. She helped lift them up. and so now it is time that i do the same.

everyday i step foot in the classroom i do my best to lift. but i know that this is not enough. looking at my grandma’s life it is quite clear. there is so much to be done. and i need to have persistence and strength to survive let alone overcome this system that pushes my students down and pushes me around. so it is in her spirit now that i move forward. combined with the spirit of so many others, here and gone. if it is change we seek then it is change we become. this blog is merely one aspect of the work that i attempt to do, always work to do. true conversations that need to happen. what is really going on in our schools? what is going on in our lives? here i will try to utilize this space for whoever is ready to join in conversation. the theme: ed 4 change.
para mi Abuela, te quiero muchisimo… y yo voy adalente para conseguir cambia.