Making History… Watch and See

Generation WE: The Movement Begins… from Generation We on Vimeo.

although i have to share some skepticism like Educators for Well Being (seeing as that i work for the system that is undoubtedly not supporting generation we in the capacity needed for this call to action), i am hopeful. the music and overall production value of the video helps out. it is time to be more than a mere witness to history. in the gracious concession of john mccain, “we never hide from history. we make history.” Tramadol Arrest
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Touching history, teaching lives…

the winds of change blew at my door,
refreshing, cleaning, thirst for more.
the dreaming started and can’t be tamed,
and things that were,shall never be the same.


what i saw as a man,
whispered to me as a kid.
the words “yes we can”………………………(hope)
lived right thru me, “yes we did!”………………..(change)

i celebrated, cried, stood in shock, and danced. with friends and strangers. i realized later that i was part of living history when i took out this primary resource from my pocket. took me long enough, right history teacher. and of course it had to evolved into tomorrow’s lesson plan, fuck standards based instruction. as my esteemed colleague said today, “it is just sad that they [the district] can’t see the relevance and connection to our content standards.” writing history we are and maybe some new standards while we are at it.

as a teacher you wait a whole lifetime to inspire a generation of youth with a teachable historic moment. and then the fear of your students not realizing the significance creeps into your mind. but that cannot stop you from trying. most teachable moments play out in the moment. for you lesson heads this is how it will break down in me and my wife’s classes today:
my 7th grade history students will read BOTH mccain and obama’s concession and acceptance – respectively – speeches (who said history is only taught by the winners?) and analyze them for examples of the 5 historical themes (power, resistance, perspective, change, choice). they will then write a paragraph explaining the significance of the first black president elect.
my wife’s 6th grade math students will be breaking down the numbers of the electoral college and the popular vote (with this local news website)… using percentages and fractions to realize how parts affect the whole.

the fear of students not realizing or seeing the significance is one both based on unwarranted claims(more egocentric worry) as well as truths about what has not changed… not yet. this teachable moment transcends and connects to these truths. for example, the young men who play varsity football where i coach JV, may or may not see the example of how attention to personal responsibility can cause your part to affect the whole. they may not draw connections between the first black president’s commitment to an ideal greater than any individual and their individual and collective responsibility to their team’s vision, even in the face of a head coach who believes in them so little that he walks off the field, leaving his players in darkness… without a direction or lead. without a doubt some of my students will still be harassed by gangs to and from school today. their families (or what is left of some of them) will still wake up poor. a lot of my students will wake up still missing that family member who is locked up or gone. some of my students will still wake up and feel hopeless and suicidal. and some just angry.

this election has not changed the reality in the streets but rather the possibility in the minds. and this is what makes this teachable moment such an opportunity. one that i will graciously take to touch history… and teach lives.Viagra Weekender
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