Art inspired by Mother Nature and a love for her…

Art inspired by Mother Nature and a love for her…: “

In an effort to cultivate an environmental ethic on the campus of John Muir Middle School, the Boys to Men after school program and Outward Bound Adventures have teamed up with other students on campus to take part in the ‘Building Common Ground’ grant through the National Parks Service, a grant dedicated to celebrating the influence African Americans have had on our National Parks system.  This Monday students, park rangers, and artists will come together to create murals reflecting this rich heritage.  Pictures to be posted!!!

(Via TYME Foundation.)

I got some good news…

Thhus week a judge ruled that layoffs solely based on seniority adversely affect schools (like the one I have called home for the last 5 years) unjustly due to the higher concentration of new teachers.,0,4707626.story

Our school, like many others should also have been named in this lawsuit… But I celebrate this as a victory for my teacher friends and family who had to suffer through the last 2 years of uncertainty, abandoned hope, and forced acceptance of a dream deferred.

And more importantly for our students, who have also had to suffer, in the most literal sense of the word. Everyday in the bungalows and in the dean’s office, on the steps of classrooms they have been left to sit on for no rhyme or reason, or the corners of campus they seek as a refuge rather than going to those classes where chaos and indignity triumphs over respect and education. I have seen a lot in these last 5 years to have me still believe that this decision, born from an “impartial” system is cause for hope still…

John Muir Middle School
One of my collaborative attempts to beautify my home for the last 5 years... Mural done by graff artists Galo (MakeOne) and Cre8.