After procrastinating for five years I finally did it! I am now untouchable. I can sit at my desk and instruct the future of our nation while reading the paper and falling asleep (all things i witnessed in my five years of teaching… I even had to represent a teacher observed doing this in their classroom when i was union chair)

But with great power comes great responsibility. I vow to use the following credential to inspire, educate, and empower young people. I vow to continue to reflect on my practice and the theory that drives it in order to improve my teaching to always meet the needs of my students. I promise to remain a teacher so long as it makes me happy.

Game on…

Not until you’re ready

I told myself I would stay at John Muir at least until the class of 2010 graduated. Today that promise to myself has been fulfilled. As I prepare for my last day with middle school students for the foreseeable future, I celebrate my time with them and rejoice in the memories… Thankful for the chance to be in their lives.

Stories and other life lessons

this page is from a book i am reading at the moment entitled The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. apologies for the small print but i felt that the dialogue that these two characters are engaged in reflects an internal dialogue i have been having for awhile in my life, like many others i am sure but even more so the simple yet powerful idea that we as humans learn best through narrative… which is to say through stories. even someone who would argue in the post Locke sense that we learn only through lived experience would in essence be arguing virtually the same thing, when one considers that life experiences collectively are the personal and communal narratives we create as individuals, communities, nations, societies, and worlds etc. as i digress i strive to hold on to the power of this idea of learning through narrative as vitally important for my personal work as an educator… and is one i hope to explore more with my colleagues this next school year, much like the collaborative spirit of Lucas and Campbell… this hero’s journey that we are all on should fundamental in helping us learn things of great importance, and hopefully not ruining great narratives in the process (star wars fans get my angered jab!)