On the right track…

Attended a lecture at Manual Arts given by Dr. Terrence Roberts (one of the original Little Rock nine)… I had the opportunity to ask a question about the responsibility of teachers in the continuing the struggle against institutional white supremacy… Some of his answers below:

“get rid of the title of teachers and become a learner with their students”

“teach them critical analysis and model critical discourse”

I feel better… I am on the right track…
Some more comments from the talk:

“Time is neutral. Nothing happens in time unless you act in time.”

“When you really begin to get it you become a danger to the status quo”

“dialogue must begin. We must talk to each other about the realities that we are in.”

“the question is not whether white supremacy exists, the question is what form does it take today”

“we have to push back against the system if the system is not living up to the ideal”

“you are an animal. But you are a human animal”

Pseudo community vs. Real community

why the job becomes increasingly more difficult…

just received this email from my supervisor:

Dear Colleagues,

As mandated by the Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles Unified School District Policy Bulletin BUL-1824.1 and Education Code 35160, our school is required to randomly conduct metal detector searches. Beginning Monday January 24, 2011 random searches will take place on the Manual Arts campus:

* When students are entering the campus
* During the school day randomly selected classrooms will be searched
* Students that are processed for being tardy during the school day will be randomly selected and searched
* Randomly selected lockers will be searched
* LAPD’s Canine Unit will facilitate some random searches during the school day

The purposes of the searches are to:
* Detect the possession of weapons
* Deter bringing weapons onto school grounds
* Reduce the potential for violent incidents

Parents will receive a letter from the school if their son/daughter is randomly checked.

the full memo can be viewed here…

having been a student who made the foolish decision to bring a gun (air pistol very much resembling a gun that a police officer would have arrested me or even worse) on my middle school campus… and having my best friend’s life abruptly ended by an accidental gun shot… and still believing that my students will not benefit in any manner from any further criminalization than they already experience…

i am not sure how i feel about this… but i know it is not good. more thoughts to come…