Do you hear what i hear?

this video really hit home. returning home from new york late last night to our relatively quiet marsh side sanctuary… putting our daughter to bed after 13 hours of traveling literally by train, plane, and automobile… i found great peace reflecting upon the juxtaposition of soundtracks of travel vs. home…

in anticipation of all the work i had momentarily put on pause to enjoy a family getaway, anxiety set in. the work i am doing as a father (many of my close colleagues included) desperately needs to sing a more harmonious tune with the work i am doing as an educator… one that aims to be social justice and reform minded… (this being typed as my daughter’s wake up cries un the monitor require me to come back to this piece later)

(upon returning) the balance that we all struggle for in life has a lot to do i think with what we are listening to… what messages, who’s expectations, what ideas… i like how julian treasure situates the power of listening within the context of time and space, making it very essential to life itself.

so i agree it is of upmost importance not only “what” we listen to but “how”.
i think it is even more important for teachers to really tune in, so to speak, to the myriad of sound mixing that is going on in their own classrooms. perhaps setting up a simple audio recording device to capture the soundtrack of “typical” day of instruction in our classrooms. likewise i can see homework assignments consisting the same practice for students. whatever it may look, or rather SOUND like, it echoes the call for the need to explicitly teach listening to our students. many professional developments i have been a part of relied on the fundamental understanding of the 7 norms of collaboration. these were essentially techniques on how to actively and effectively listen to others. in this environment of intense and often shallow mistrust setting the context for dialogue around education reform, listening is something everyone should pay more attention to.

while taking a break in between writing this post i had a chance to put into practice what julian treasure was saying… some of which was reminiscent of my days as an outdoor educator (the mixing board activity). i prioritized certain tracks of my life today and decided it would be better for myself and my relationships to listen to my family sounds today and ended up having to cancel a work meeting… although somewhat apologetic to my colleagues that had to pick up my slack, i was so satisfied with immediate consequence. take a listen here