Voting day

Today is here. And tomorrow will come. In the meantime it is our duty to engage in our democracy. On the best days, our country and its systems of rules and laws is the most diverse body politic ever unified in the history of the world, often championing civil rights, freedoms of speech, religion, and generally espousing tolerance. On our worst days, people die and we lose our humanity. We have not had so many best days of late. As a history student and now teacher, it’s clear that the divisive (disgusting) rhetoric of fear and intolerance has not been seen at these levels since Andrew Jackson’s presidency. The white male supremacy that this country is founded on has never ceased to exist. But despite it, or perhaps in-spite of it, our greatest examples of social justice have been born. And yet I have to believe that our best days are still ahead.

As I wait in a church parking lot for my polling place to open, I’m reminded of all that drives me to vote today; my identity as a son of immigrants, married to a daughter of immigrants, father of children, two of whom are daughters, and my membership in this American society. We, the people are the institutions. It is only us that can change their design and direction. Am here to do just that this morning. Join me. And not just today, but tomorrow as well. And everyday forward that you can and are able. This is our duty and our freedom so long as we will act it out.

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