Contradictions: Cortines Style

although the decisions to move forward on the proposed LAUSD budget that has increased class sizes and laid off thousands of teachers (especially in the inner city communities of color – and including my wife) are all but finalized… there is a final board meeting today that an inadequate number of protesters will be at… i have been even more thoroughly confused by quotes from our own superintendent that i have been reading over the last week of the school year…

here are some of them:

“I’ve always been a teacher. That’s the highest of the hierarchy. That’s not the bottom it’s what it’s all about. We’ve lost sight of that.”
original source:

“What the system needs now is a benevolent dictator for 3 to 5 years. Then you can turn it back to the community.”
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“L.A. schools can’t afford more cuts. We might as well not have public education. When you do not have adequate nurses, adequate libraries, and I will not increase class size any more because what I have recommended, especially at the middle and high school, is very unrealistic. It is not in the best interest of students or staff. So I just think that the way we are operating in this state is ludicrous. ”
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“In response, I have asked the Los Angeles Board of Education to approve another round of very difficult budget cuts. Click here to view the PowerPoint presented to the Board of Education on Thursday, June 18. I want to be very clear. Some of the recommendations go against my core beliefs and values. There is no choice.”
original source:,47493&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP

now it is obvious that these are taken out of their entire context… but that’s what bloggers do! but seriously, it is interesting to note the seemingly schizophrenic nature of these conflicting ideas and how they reflect the state of public education… indeed how they also reflect the schizophrenic nature of our society.

we want democracy (driven by a well informed and active citizenry) but we do not want to fund it
we want economic security but we don’t want to commit to lowering drop out rates…
the more i write to try and understand the more i confuse myself…

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