Remembering Howard Zinn… With a new perspective in mind

“I’m supposing, or perhaps only hoping that our future may be found in the past’s fugitive moments of compassion, rather than in the solid centuries of warfare.” – Howard Zinn

After going on a little nature hike with my daughter this morning, being away from all the technological stimulation for a moment, I got to think about what I wanted to expose her to, what lessons I would teach her, when I would teach them… And how.

I came back and turned on the television to see Howard Zinn’s documentary, “you can’t be neutral on a moving train” and I was reminded of the great lessons history has for us. Messages from the past, great insights… And I was reminded of the importance of small things. Little walks. Meaningful conversations. Relationships built on trust. These are but some of the lessons I aim to teach my daughter. And I thank you again Mr. Zinn, for all that you have given the world. We do miss you…

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