Follow up to Resiliency…

first off I can’t tell you how much more I can get done on the bus. Why would anyone drive in this town?! #GoMetro. Ok, now that I got that out of my system….

When I speak of resilience, how to build students up socially and emotionally enough to bounce back from the inevitable life knock downs that get us all on the ropes but really do students of color wrong in a way you can’t understand unless you lived some of that life of a young person of color, I am really thinking about resistance. This is a theme I try and draw it in my history class, one of 5 (power, resistance, change, perspective, choice.) All of these are what I’ve termed the hand of history, the things that move time and space for humans. Resilience, part of it at least, is to fight back the forces of domination. To speak back a counter narrative, your own story and lived experiences, to the dominant tales and myths we tell ourselves about the world and others. How do you empower students to critically understand their own life and take control back of their story?

The new Kendrick Lamar album couldn’t be more parallel to the themes I’ve been pondering here. Hip hop has always served to assist people of color in this form of resistance. Institutionalized, Alright, and Hood Politics are some of the tracks that voice the pain and the resolve to overcome the systemic push down and push out of young people of color from certain communities.  Throughout the whole album, Kendrick talks openly and honestly about struggles of leaving the “hood” and “making it” only to come back and find “answers” about how to resist in the face of “apartheid” and “war.”   

What makes me so stoked about this album is it’s instructive nature. Stating outright that 

Made me want to go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned… Respect. 

I would also that Kendrick learned the art of resilience through his art form: hip hop. That’s why I LOVE hip hop. #GoHipHop 

Now that I got that out of my system… Time to go teach. 

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