happy Monday… Racism still exists…

amidst all of the weekend’s coverage of the NBA’s sterling silver collection of racism, i had the distinct pleasure to have the following conversation with one of my administrators upon signing in this morning.

me: when are we taking the (insert latest version of standardized test here)
administrator: we are supposed to be taking it now but… you know, i didn’t realize that we have so many new kids from Mexico… or those other Spanish speaking countries.
me: uh… how did you let that one slip past your radar (SMDH!!!)
administrator: well i mean i knew that, well… in other schools that i’ve worked at there has always been a lot of EL kids waiting to reclassify… and you know, i’d have the kids that i’d tell to take their hats off and they’d respond to me with the “oh miss, you know me no speaky the english.” (in the best spanish speaker? accent they could muster so early in the morning.)

never-mind that spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. never-mind that you are an administrator at a public school in a community that largely speaks spanish. never-mind that the person you are addressing, their entire family hails from one of those spanish speaking countries that you can’t bother to commit to memory by name. never-mind that this land USED to be Mexico, the land of spanish speakers… oh wait, no.. that is the language of the conquistador colonial European country (who has their own brand of racism in sports)….

never-mind. you’ll never get it. or will you? i had to walk away in the moment, while another colleague who witnessed the exchange debriefed with me on how to respond to such ignorance. we agreed that this would be the first step. i have since resolved to speak with this administrator directly… but had to pause first and reflect.

Apple sells out it’s original base

Are we serious here? I’m sure the iPad is more powerful in the hands of a teacher…. One who actually stays in the field of education and is committed to students and their communities beyond the 3 year required internship of most TFA alums. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some amazingly talented folks come out of TFA. unfortunately they never stick around teaching long enough to become one of those “powerful”, tech savvy and creatively daring pedagogues that apple is promoting here. Not surprising tho, given apple’s affinity for selling the constant upgrade and next generation fetish. Anything older than a year is outdated and best served by the newest model, which was built with a purposefully short lifespan. Seems fitting for apple then to promote this iTeacher idea. Unfortunately we know that just doesn’t work in making quality education Sustainable.

to be a teacher in America right now…

Today principals around LAUSD called in certificated teachers, some who have been teaching for 5-6+ years, some highly decorated with national board certifications and masters degrees… Many highly qualified under No Child Left Behind… And they handed them a file folder in regards to their pending layoff. This was the first thing in the folder…

What messages do we send our country’s educators with this? What message do we send anyone who goes through a difficult bout of unemployment? Thoughts?….

Michelle Rhee: ED reformer fighting $pecial interest$ with… well $$$ (or the hope of$$$)

i just returned from an event put on by michelle
who has recently decided to enter the non-profit
world in an effort to continue her struggles and vision of
education reform. her new organization studentsfirst.org
invited a small group of los angeles educators to discuss reform
ideas with the controversial former chancellor of washington d.c.
public schools… what was pitched as an opportunity to have
teacher voice at the center of the discussion so that michelle rhee
and her support staff for the newly launched organization could
listen and take away important perspectives from the people “in
the trenches”
… it turned into more of a town hall Q
& A, complete with microphones and documentarians to capture
this footage for the reform mogul… and why not? michelle rhee
is the most controversial education reformer
out there right now… not afraid of making waves and “effective”
at making her campaign understandable to most people. and most of
us educators want to know where she stands… and what is her
stance? let’s do right by kids. let’s focus on what students need
and it is hard to argue with the simplicity of that logic. the crux
is in the how… during this brief discussion the usual culprits of
ed reform lingo were present: teacher effectiveness and
measurement, accountability, retention, teacher evaluation, union
and media portrayal of educational realities… and of course, the
large special interests that have policy makers ears when it comes
to the not so new mantra of education reform (see alfie
) i asked her three questions: 1) had she ever heard
of sir ken robinson… she disappointingly answered no… so then i
shared a link with her and i hope she views it 2) what her thoughts
about the standardization saturation going on in the current
popular reform efforts in regards to curricula and testing,
fetishizing data and number crunching… she responded saying that
when she was chancellor of washington d.c. schools 8% of students
were reading at grade level while 96% of teachers were receiving
exemplary evaluations… a very real problem… but didn’t really
answer my question. i did feel like i could have phrased the
question better. perhaps more succinct: how do you feel about
standardized tests and their ability (or inability) to measure
critical thought… and the methods often used to “prepare”
students to take these tests? 3) how did she envision herself being
able to take on such big special interests and empower and advocate
for students to be at the forefront of any policy making an
implementation? she responded that she was going to raise a billion
dollars… in essence we have to fight big money with our own big
money… hmmm… there is something problematic in this and i am
not seeing the paradigm shift quite yet… but in a way she is
right. leveling the playing field for students by taking away the
money factor (or at least trying to balance it out more) with money
comes power to lobby on behalf of students and parents. the ability
to organize around elections and propositions and school board
appointments… and if anyone was in a position to do this intense
campaigning, it would be michelle rhee… i mean hell, launching a
goal like this on oprah… is a pretty good start!

Art inspired by Mother Nature and a love for her…

Art inspired by Mother Nature and a love for her…: “

In an effort to cultivate an environmental ethic on the campus of John Muir Middle School, the Boys to Men after school program and Outward Bound Adventures have teamed up with other students on campus to take part in the ‘Building Common Ground’ grant through the National Parks Service, a grant dedicated to celebrating the influence African Americans have had on our National Parks system.  This Monday students, park rangers, and artists will come together to create murals reflecting this rich heritage.  Pictures to be posted!!!

(Via TYME Foundation.)

educational 3rd spaces i have experienced this weekend…

i have the pleasure in working in a field that is in constant change… some exciting, some rhetorical, and some just plain depressing. within the span of a mere weekend (two days that supposed to be OFF from work) an ICEBERG of issues were floating around out there and somehow found way to my brain allowing my to offer my perspective on some. here are a few:
on saturday morning my wife (a teacher of 3 years if you count this year, as she has been “subbing” for herself… having been laid off last year) received, as many colleagues and personal friends of mine did i am sure… her second lay off notice from our esteemed district… which begged the question, how can you lay off someone who isn’t even under contract? after posing this we proceeded to laugh and move on with our weekend, having learned the past year that the massive problems plaguing LAUSD weren’t created in a day, neither will the solutions be and therefore should not ruin ours. things are worse for many others and we are grateful to still be able to laugh.

at coffee i intercepted some tweets around the critical teaching in action conference from some friends who were presenting their work there… i was unable to attend let alone present this year, but their work was around media and how it allows someone like me (who didn’t want to be at a formal conference) to benefit from the work that was presented there.

went out to breakfast with a colleague and personal friend who has been teaching at my school for 10 years (twice as long as i have) and enjoyed the company of someone who i might not have the pleasure of working alongside with next year, as i have come to terms with the fact that my creative and philosophical needs around educating youth will be better served elsewhere… perhaps here (at the obama global preparatory academy – working alongside colleagues from UCLA and ISCA) or here...

celebrated the admittance of a friend to the UCLA film school… an accomplishment that will spawn many others as this artist continues to pursue her art to help tell one of many stories that is not being told in the dominant culture… mainly that of the experiences of students and teachers dedicated to educational equality in the inner city… we celebrated this by being rock stars for the night…

today my educational tour over the weekend was wrapped up by an interesting dialogue? with friends/colleagues… around many issues of power, inequity, dialogue…
hegemonic, critical, and transformational identities that we all have. in a safe space that has allowed if anything, a fumbling (albeit entertaining and often times enlightening) exploration into true liberatory pedagogy and the possibility these 3rd spaces open up, for our students, our school site circumstances, and for ourselves… not only as educators but as actors on this world stage.

as i move forward in a spirit of collaboration with all the wonderful people i have had the fortune to meet by being a teacher… i am reminded of the immense work still left to do… but inspired by all the possibilities there are to do it…

writer’s block… fear

not sure where the fear comes from… i write everyday in some fashion… it seems like 2010 has been ushered in by some old literary tech tools (pen and notepads – even the yellow legal padded type)… yet i understand that this does no good for this neglected blog site… i fell that some fear or anxiety of an upcoming grant (http://centerx.gseis.ucla.edu/whole-school-transformation/tiip/application/eligibility) that a team of colleagues and i are applying for is spilling over into my public reflexive practice of blogging. i don’t know if this is just because this is the first big grant i have been a part of or what…

in any case the writer’s block phenomenon assumes before ailing you that indeed you are a writer. although i cannot honestly claim this title outright, i do enjoy the process for writing… especially when i know that not many people are going to look at it… you know things like this here blog, my thesis, personal journals, BTSA portfolio reflections… but when i know that the main goal of a piece of writing is to be evaluated and HEAVILY looked at… well then my fingers cramp up and the words get all muddled in my head. i stumble before i even start to stammer.

so this post is an exercise in trying to face my fear, shake the block. hopefully it will get me to actually aid more in the writing process of this grant more than i have been, making minimal suggestions from behind the safety of highlighted yellow text… far from the commitments of finalized word thought! sorry team : /

2nd class citizens, smokers, and California contradictions…

i have to say with some weird mixture of satisfaction and self-disappointment that i have been frequenting the reality that would have me labeled as the title of this post… it happens every so often, picking up the bad habit off again and on again. i can’t really ever put my finger on what it is that actually drives me to light up and take my place at the fringe of respectable and civilized society. at times it is a contemplative urge of a feeling, as if it would inspire deeper reflection of the immediate cerebral surroundings i find myself in. the mere presence of certain alcohol and weather patterns serves to motivate my self sabotage of health. and yet at other times it is the need to “bond” and converse with an old friend… or a complete stranger. standing on the curb at the houston airport, in transit back from a binge of tobacco (a once sacred plant to some if i recall), i found myself grinning at the circumstance of other fellow travelers and myself… pushed to the tolerable side of our cravings, like a perfect california contradiction i was, washing my rapidly unsatisfying smoke while drinking an organic naked juice… yet this quickly inspired post was not about my choices or the reasons behind them as much as it was supposed to be about spaces… the ones we travel thru, the identities we take on while in transit, the perspectives that others have of us and these identities, and the structures (both fluid and permanent) that are imposed/self-imposed by our wanderings thru life. is this what i think about when i smoke? not nearly as much as this post suggests… just this last time. a gave a fellow traveler half of my pack… and as i venture to go have my last one for awhile (a really indeterminable amount of time) i will gift the rest of this packaged death to another fortunate soul. and maybe have an interesting conversation or two…

A lot of Ins, A lot of Outs… I’m still trying to digest this full day…

tonight i ate the same meal as i did the last time i ate with my father for his birthday… the cherished double double… driving home i had a conversation with my younger brother afterwards, guiding and supporting him to discover his own path in this world, hopefully encouraging him to think critically about his decision… and to be thankful that it is his to make. tonight i watched my wife maintain her integrity and dedication to her students even after coming that much closer to certain unemployment today… this afternoon i watched the sunset and the wind blow… this afternoon i watched high school students present at the AERA conference on liberatory practice, effective teaching strategies, as well as the importance of effective support that transcends the classroom and pure academic achievement in the traditional sense… i watched students begin to creatively and inspirationally write their own counter-narrative to their academic experience while at the same time i twittered the unfortunate events of a school board relegated to old ways of solving old problems (read: “solving” old problems by making even bigger ones)… today i came to realize that amidst all the educational theories (critical race theory, socio-cultural theory, critical literacy, constructivism, dialogic inquiry, authentic caring, counter-narrative, participatory action research theory, 3rd space, Dewey and democratic theory, tipping point theory, thug pedagogy?) discussed about in convention centers by experts and aspiring experts, it amounts to nothing without action… today i realized that part of organizing for social justice and equity in education, especially in urban schools like mine requires that act of theorizing as students and teachers and sharing that knowledge base, spreading it… this afternoon i supported a mentor’s work, even though i arrived late… today i bought good old fashioned printed materials unto that end… this morning i presented on a topic for the 3rd or 4th time and just now began to understand its deeper relevance to what i do as a teacher… this morning i felt the support of colleagues long absent in my daily practice…
today i woke up with colleagues and friends texting me with assistance, picking up the slack for me, carrying the load… this morning i woke up in a house full of guitars and love and love for guitars…

tonight i ate the meal that my father and i shared as our last meal together and tonight i shared a conversation with my younger brother about his bright future…
this morning i woke up…
tomorrow i get to teach…

i am still trying to digest a full day…

3rd Space Collaborative: Exploration # 1

Because 10 and eleven year olds can deconstruct gender inequality in the classroom better then adults can anywhere. so andy beat me to it… but who cares? keep up the good work Kate!!!next up? teacher “silent” day… exploring the effect of traditional power structures and how they effect the classroom community.

Because I’m all for using the word “oppressors” in the lunchroom over a chalupa: Boy-Silent Day and an example of a Best Practice: “

After getting an email largely excerpted below, I asked friend and colleague Kate, an elementary school teacher, if I could share her story here. Below, she spells out an exciting activity she conducted, which I’m thrilled about adapting for students that are nearly twice the age of her 10 and 11-year-old students. Enjoy! [Kate’s words follow, student names removed.]

Something great happened today. When I tried to share this with my colleagues at lunch today, I was kind of met with silence and then I felt weird for being ‘too political.’ I muttered to myself on my way out of the lounge ‘Who actually uses the words ‘oppressors’ in the lunch room over chalupa???’ but I can tell you, right?

A couple of months ago, after saying, for the millionth time, ‘Can I hear from one of the females in the house?’ One of the boys said, ‘They don’t like talking.’

Me: ‘Oh really? Why do you think that’s so?’

‘Cuz they’re shy.’

Another boy: ‘Cuz they don’t know the answers.’ etc.

Since then, I pointed out to them that pretty much whenever a girl opened her mouth, the boys either: shut her down, started talking to a neighbor, or interrupted her. I thought of a ‘boy silent day’ and asked them about a month ago what they thought of it, as an experiment. They agreed in the spirit of exploration. We’ve discussed homophobia, racism, and sexism, and when we discussed this habit of theirs, it was always as an observation, not a judgment. I’m assuming this is why they were willing. I think they were also genuinely curious to see what would happen.

So today we had our ‘boy-silent day.’ We posed it like a science experiment. We had discussed this several times in the past and they knew it was happening today. All but one boy was on board (and even the nay-sayer went along with it). We discussed the goals-everyone was clear that this was in no way a punishment, but an exploration into why the girls don’t participate more. We started with a question-what will happen if the boys don’t talk? Then we thought-paired-shared, made a list of predictions, and then dealt with ground rules (’What if I have to use the bathroom?’ ‘What if two boys are in a partnership?’ ‘What do we do for think-pair-share or group work?’). This was fun and collaborative; we came up with answers together. We discussed the use of body language to communicate and that the boys could still participate, but in silent ways (like attentive listening, e.g.). Everyone kept a sheet of paper at their seat so they could jot down observations of the class and their feelings throughout the day.

And the day started. I have to say, from a teacher’s point of view, my day felt stress-free. There were literally no behavior problems and no distractions. I had no private interventions. During writing workshop-quiet, calm, focus. During independent reading, the same. Incredible. The boys, to their credit, kept their commitment! During directed lessons, they didn’t call out, they didn’t sabotage. They were so mature and reflective. I have had a very challenging year. Many of my little ones struggle with academics and impulse control, so this was all the more exciting (btw-my class is 2/3 male and 1/3 female). The girls did not overwhelmingly participate (i.e. pretty much the same few girls who normally participate were the ones participating), but they seemed…more in control. More confident. They were chatty in the hallways. Was I imagining that I saw more of them smile? I dunno…but it seemed like it. Maybe it was me-giving them more attention, noticing them in ways I hadn’t prior. We joked around at several points throughout the day and it felt so collegial and close, like we were sharing something special.

We spent the last hour or so of the day debriefing. We started with a quickwrite, answering two questions: 1. What have I learned (about myself and the class) from this experiment? And 2. What will I do differently as a result of this experiment? Then we sat in a circle on the rug and discussed these same things. Many boys expressed their frustration and boredom during the day. At one point, [a girl] said, ‘It felt…weird…because when we talked, they were, like, listening.’ Some girls spoke of how the boys made efforts to give them eye contact and to show them through body language that they were present, but some said that the boys did not do this. This was an opportunity to revisit the meaning of sexism and how it appears and gets perpetuated. One boy said, ‘Can we have a girl silent day?’ to which I responded, ‘What would be the goal?’ [Another boy] said, ‘So they know how we feel!’ [Another boy] said to him, ‘They already know how we feel. This is how they feel all the time.’ At the end, we went around and said one thing that we would do differently as a result of today. A shy boy said, ‘I’m gonna raise my hand more and take risks.’ Another said, ‘I’ve been disrespecting girls; I haven’t been listening to them. I’m gonna listen more.’ Another: ‘I’m going to try not to interrupt.’ One of the girls who is a frequent participant said, ‘I’m going to step back so others can share.’ A shy girl said, ‘I’m going to risk myself more.’

I asked them to do some writing tonight about their thoughts, and I’m excited to read their essays. One boy who stays after school with me wrote something like, ‘For girls to feel safe, the boys need to listen to them.’ One thing I’ve said to them is that sexism doesn’t get crushed if it’s only females fighting against it, that we need boys and men to recognize it and fight against it too. I was really pleased with today and proud of the maturity of these 10 and 11 year olds!

Two final stand-out comments from kids about the day: one girl said, ‘This was the best day of my life’ (remember, she’s 10!) and a boy had written on his observation sheet, ‘It’s so quiet in here. I feel like I can learn more.’

(Via The American Crawl.)

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